[2006-04-24] Can't Connect to Internet
We talked about DNS problems at Fallure to resolve, but there are other reasons why a particular machine may be unable to browse the Internet while others on the same lan still can.

[2006-04-21] Cisco Rounding Up Digital Talent
A $250,000 promotion conducted by networking giant Cisco and Viacom's mtvU college network will support a "Digital Incubator" for broadband content.

[2006-04-10] Who Said That?
My wife and I had run out for errands and had stopped at a D'Angelo sub shop. We were just about to get out of the car when the phone rang. My wife rolled her eyes but I took the call because, well, because that's what I do. Somebody has a problem, I try to answer the phone.

[2006-04-03] Dynamic Trunking Protocol (DTP)
When you´re studying to pass the BCMSN exam on the way to earning your CCNP certification, you´re going to add to your CCNA knowledgebase every step of the way.

[2006-04-03] BGP Adjacency States
To pass the BSCI exam, earn your CCNP certification, and become an outstanding networker, you´ve got to master the many details of BGP - and trust me, there are a lot of details to master!


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