[2006-02-24] Open Source Vyatta Takes On Hardware
After years of open source projects like Linux and MySQL taking share from proprietary software companies, hardware makers like Cisco and Juniper get to experience the heart-stopping terror of open source hardware hitting the market.

[2006-02-22] Secure Routers Go Through Ceiling In 2005
A new study from Infonetics Research reported big numbers for secure routers in 2005. While price pressure drove prices down along with overall revenues, the number of units moved climbed 121%.

[2006-02-08] Net Neutrality Divides On Party Lines
The potential to future innovators to build on the success of the Internet may well hinge on network neutrality, but the two major political parties in Congress see the issue differently.

[2006-02-07] Verizon Wants Its Share of Google's Success
Wow, Verizon is griping that Google is getting a "free lunch" by using the infrastructure built and paid for by the phone companies.

[2006-02-06] Google's Internet Network
The Google "dark fiber" rumor has been quiet for a few months, so the perfect time for the UK's Times to resurrect it.


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