[2005-08-29] Network Management and Monitoring Software
Many products on the market today provide analytical information to those who are responsible for the management of networked systems or what the users of those systems commonly call "The Network".

[2005-08-29] Cisco IOS Software Modularity to Increase Network Availability
In an effort to help IT Managers boost network uptime and efficiency, Cisco has announced that it has made some Internetwork Operating System (IOS)- based software advances for its Catalyst 6500 switches.

[2005-08-18] Router Sales Shooting Through the Roof
The router market is growing and growing. According to a report published by Dell'Oro Group, the router market recorded the highest quarter-over-quarter growth rate it has experienced in over 4 years.

[2005-08-16] Host, Dig
I tend to use "dig" for DNS lookups, but it's more habit than anything else. The main page for host says "host is a simple utility for performing DNS lookup" while dig's brags "Most DNS administrators use dig to troubleshoot DNS problems because of its flexibility, ease of use and clarity of output. Other lookup tools tend to have less functionality than dig."

[2005-08-01] Cisco Tries To End Spreading of Vulnerability Info
Michael Lynn, a former employee of Internet Security Systems (ISS) quit his job and exposed a vulnerability on Cisco's router operating system.

[2005-08-01] Cisco Uploads Motivation 1.0 To Black Hat Community
Incensed by the networking company's hostile treatment of former ISS researcher Michael Lynn, several hackers now seek to find new flaws in Cisco's software.


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