[2005-05-26] Cisco Walks the FineGround
Cisco Systems announced that it will be taking over data center networking systems maker FineGround Networks, a privately-held company based in Campbell, California.

[2005-05-18] Introduction: IP Spoofing
An article on "Security Problems in the TCP/IP Protocol Suite" by S.M.Bellovin in 1989 initially explored IP Spoofing attacks . He described how Robert Morris, creator of the now infamous Internet Worm, figured out how TCP created sequence numbers and forged a TCP packet sequence.

[2005-05-16] Rosetta Wireless; Moving Well Past the Stone Age
Rosetta Wireless, based in Oakbrook Terrace IL., gives a great new offering to businesses for through their wireless services that could present safe and secure access to key information in a company's mainframe or network.

[2005-05-13] VoIP Gets A Big Business Nudge
Revenues for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services topped $1.3 billion USD last year.

[2005-05-09] Reuters Thailand Rides the Cisco Express
Cisco announced the today the worldwide news agency called Reuters deployed Thailand's Internet Protocol (IP) telephony site in Thailand with 700 Cisco IP Phone 7960Gs, Cisco IP Phone 7940Gs and Cisco Wireless IP Phone 7920s.

[2005-05-06] Securing wVoIP
Wireless security software developer Columbitech recently announced wireless VPN support for securing wireless voice applications (wVoIP).


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