[2005-02-25] Securing Your Wireless Home Network
Do you have a wireless network installed in your home? Chances are that you do. If so, did you know that hackers might be using your Internet connection without your knowledge or consent?

[2005-02-23] Cisco CCNA Exam Tracks
With the latest version of the CCNA exam, Cisco offers two possible exam track options of either one or two exams.

[2005-02-11] Apache Webserver - A Quick Tutorial for New Admins
Apache is one of the most commonly used web servers out there. If you are running your own cPanel server your websites will actually run on Apache.

[2005-02-11] Debug and Show commands for ISDN
The major reason I recommend getting your hands on real Cisco equipment rather than a simulator is that real Cisco routers give you the chance to practice and learn show and debug commands.

[2005-02-02] Bloggers Hacked
Well, my primary box was cracked by a dipshit going after the recent awstats.pl bug.


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