[2004-01-22] Understanding Network Models - The OSI Model
I have to assume that after reading the title to this week's article you probably let out a low, discerning groan of displeasure. Of all the networking topics that I've ever taught, the OSI model is the one that will generate looks of angst and torture on the faces of students. Some simply tune out and play solitaire, while others shake their heads in the familiar "not this thing again". Still others pretend that there's no time like right now to catch a half-hour of shut-eye. One thing that has never happened is someone's eyes lighting up and them shouting "I love the OSI model!". The reason for this is simple. This is often the first thing that people are ever taught when it comes to networking, and it was probably explained in such a way that they didn't understand it to begin with. A theoretical model is a terrible introduction to the world of networking. The good news for me is that most of you probably already have experience in the field, and will hopefully be able to appreciate how important network models really are.

[2004-01-16] Which Web Server Is "Winning"
A November 2003 survey published by the UK-based Internet services company Netcraft made the claim that the Apache Web server "has a significant percentage gain" over its chief rival, Microsoft's Internet Information Services (IIS), and now controls over two-thirds of the global Web server market. Only days later, Port80 Software released a survey stating that "Microsoft IIS maintains dominance of the corporate Web server market" with 53.8 percent of the market. With two seemingly similar surveys drawing contradictory conclusions, clearly the question of whose software powers the majority of the Web server market demands a deeper examination.


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