[2003-10-20] NetCat Security
Netcat is a utility that is able to write and read data across TCP and UDP network connections. If you are responsible for network or system security it essential that you understand the capabilities of Netcat. Netcat can be used as port scanner, a backdoor, a port redirector, a port listener and lots of other cool things too. It's not always the best tool for the job, but if I was stranded on an island, I'd take Netcat with me. During this tutorial I'll demonstrate a complete hack, using Netcat only, just to point out how versatile it is.

[2003-10-15] VPN's and Other Remote Access
A VPN is a Virtual Private Network. The concept is that you are using public or other shared lines (generally the Internet) to connect machines, but that all packets are encrypted (so your connections are "private").

[2003-10-15] Installing a Small Office Network
For many of us in the SCO world, office networks are a fairly new phenomenon. Many SCO systems are still happily using serial connectivity exclusively, even when Windows machines are part of the enterprise, and even when those machines maybe be networked between each other. In fact, some people even refer to serially connected terminals as a "network" (I won't use that here: if I say network, I mean an Ethernet network).

[2003-10-08] Intrusion Detection Foundations
The number of internet attacks is dramatically increasing. Vulnerabilities, configuration problems and different type of attacks are discovered daily.


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