[2003-08-29] VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP)
In this article well be taking a look at another Layer 2 concept, the VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP). In this article well explore the basic operation and elements of VTP, including the benefits that it provides from network traffic and configuration perspective.

[2003-08-07] Saving Our Bacon: Snort Security Holes and Strategies for Safe Network Monitoring
In April, a CERT advisory announced the discovery of two separate buffer-overflow vulnerabilities in Snort, a popular security-monitoring tool used for detecting suspicious network activities. This development was disturbing and ironic: system administrators install and run programs like Snort to improve security, and don't often consider the possibility that the tools themselves might be attacked and exploited to create entirely new security holes. It's therefore important to understand precisely what happened here, especially since the same mechanisms used against Snort could threaten other security tools.

[2003-08-06] Building A Linux Router
Building a reliable, full-featured broadband router can be very easy and cost-efficient. This article is about building one for routing a LAN to the Internet with NAT (Network Address Translation -- Linux users also call it as IP Masquerading) using an old computer and a Linux micro-distribution designed to have very low hardware requirements. We'll end up having a very simple and stable system, yet featuring e.g. iptables based stateful firewalling and remote administration.

[2003-08-05] Risk Metrics Needed for IT Security
Business leaders worldwide are becoming more aware of the importance of assuring the security of information assets. Information-security issues are among the hottest topics being addressed in trade media for organizational governance, executive, financial, audit, and IT leaders. Conferences covering the latest information-security issues, tools, and problems abound in both the public and private sectors.


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