[2003-06-30] Connecting Networks Together
If you manage a small network, you might have never considered the complexities involved in connecting networks together. The idea of wide area networking might seem way beyond the scope of anything that your small network could ever require. However, there may come a time when you need to connect two or more small networks together. Even if these small networks reside within the same building, you can run into some unexpected consequences if you try to connect the two networks without proper planning.

[2003-06-23] EtterCap - ARP Spoofing and Beyond
When it comes to Network Security, my philosophy is - "You can't afford to know less than the Hacker." This means that in order to protect ourselves effectively, we need to understand and experience the same tools and techniques that are used against us.

[2003-06-17] Cisco Introduces First Courses in Security Design for Enterprise Networks
SAN JOSE, Calif., June 17, 2003 - Cisco Systems, Inc. today announced the expansion of its security certification and training program to reflect the latest advances in Cisco security technology and industry expectations for IT professionals. Cisco has added two new comprehensive security design training courses, Designing Perimeter Security (DPS) and Designing VPN Security (DVS), and has also updated exams for the CCSP, Cisco Firewall Specialist, Cisco VPN Specialist and Cisco IDS Specialist certifications.

[2003-06-17] Securing Linux
Here we go again. I decided to write another article concerning some overall security aspects of installing and running linux. To keep it short and simple, here are some good pointers to enhancing your system's security. But remember, there's no absolute security, so keep your eyes open, subscribe yourself to a few good mailing lists, and keep your software up-to-date.

[2003-06-11] How can I print to a remote PC that does not have a static IP address?
This is a fairly common problem: you have a PC at home and you make some sort of connection over the internet to your server, but your application needs to print to your PC. That would be easier if your PC had a fixed, constant IP address, but your connection is dynamic so it changes. There are many, many ways to solve this problem. So many, in fact. that I'll probably miss one or two in this write up. If I do miss something, do let me know: it may help someone else down the line.

[2003-06-02] IDS-Can you afford not to have one?
Everyone has an opinion as to the longevity of this type of technology, its validity and its capabilities as a security tool. Most security professionals will agree that an IDS cannot be used as your only form of defence. If an IDS is deployed in the correct manner, that is as part of an overall security program, with the correct processes and procedures in place governing operation maintenance and incident handling, can an organisation afford to be without one?

[2003-06-02] Network Neighborhood, Visionfs, Samba Authentication and all that
Unix and Linux machines have been able to provide Network Neighborhood style file and print services for some time now, but I constantly see confusion and problems due to misunderstanding of how these things work. I'm going to use an example from a real situation involving an XP user and a SCO Visionfs network. The concepts of this apply to Linux, Mac, Samba: it doesn't really matter.


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