[2003-04-29] LynuxWorks Announces First Standalone TCP/IP Stack Certifiable to DO-178B Level A Standards
LynuxWorks™ today introduced the Lynx Certifiable Stack (LCS), the industrys first DO-178B Level A certified standalone TCP/IP stack for safety and security critical environments.

[2003-04-29] SolarisTM Failover -- Keeping Connected at All Times
Success in today's high-tech world demands high-availability systems. Five or six 9s availability requires high-end hardware, stable operating systems, and a stable connection to the network. In SolarisTM 8, Sun introduced IP Network Multipathing.

[2003-04-29] Paperless Office: A Storage-Space Odyssey
The term "paperless office" strikes some experts as a stretch. "The thought of a paperless office borders more on myth than reality," says Xerox manager Carl Langsenkamp.

[2003-04-29] Desktop cords could reach halfway to moon
Lay all the desktop cords in the United States end to end, and you could circle the earth four times or reach halfway to the moon, according to a study released this week by cordless mouse maker Logitech.

[2003-04-29] IBM, Shell and Cisco collaborate on grids
IBM's attempt to commercialise grid technology has resulted in new vertical grid applications and joint developments with other companies, including Shell and Cisco.

[2003-04-29] InfoVista Aims to Improve Wi-Fi Management
InfoVista S.A. next week at Networld + Interop will bring more comprehensive performance management to Wi-Fi environments when it launches its new Wireless Fidelity Service Level Management suite.

[2003-04-25] Getting frugal: Red Hat Network's low-cost upgrade to Red Hat 9
It took longer than expected, but Joe Barr is pleased with RHN's budget-friendly upgrade.

[2003-04-23] Standards To Stimulate WLAN Expansion
Frequently changing standards in the world WLAN industry are prompting manufacturers to create enhanced security solutions, says research firm Frost and Sullivan.

[2003-04-23] New Command Line Tools in Windows Server 2003 - Today's Tool: ADMINPAK.MSI
To help satisfy this need, I'm happy to present a series of articles that will introduce you to each of the 60 new or improved command line tools made available with Windows Server 2003. Each day we'll take a look at one or more of these command-line gems that make administering the Windows platform easier. Be sure to not miss a single day!

[2003-04-23] Getting Started with the Cisco PIX Firewall
This sample chapter covers exam topics for the Secure PIX Firewall Advanced Exam (CSPFA 9E0-511) including user interface, configuring the PIX Firewall, time setting and NTP support, and DHCP server configuration.

[2003-04-23] WLAN analyzers
Like a blind date, wireless LANs can look attractive and compelling on the surface, but looks can be deceiving.

[2003-04-23] Tight IT Budgets Put Crimp in SAN Plans
David Chamberlain, vice president of architecture and capacity planning at Providian Financial Corp., last week said the biggest challenge he will face this year is trying to manage the company's 170TB of storage following layoffs that cut Providian's IT staff from 1,300 people to 750.

[2003-04-23] It's Time To Take a Look At SIP
Even if you haven't added voice to your IP network yet, it won't be long before you encounter the Session Initiation Protocol.

[2003-04-17] Protecting Your Network Against Client Side Security Holes
The vast majority of the articles that I've read on network security pertain to server side security. However, it's almost as important to implement the proper security on the client side.

[2003-04-17] Create a quick report of all systems that exist on the network
Recently, I found a nice tool named NetView at OptimumX.com that will scan a network and display a list of all visible systems that are online in the specified domain.

[2003-04-17] Coping with Network Glitches
There's nothing like buying all your fab new networking equipment, setting it up in your home and having it work perfectly from that moment until the day you move or upgrade.

[2003-04-14] Counterpoint on Red Hat Linux
Counterpoint (http://www.synchronics.com) is a provider of point of sale and accounting software.


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