[2003-01-27] Have Your Layer Cake and Eat It Too
Long ago, in the world of networking, network devices had specific purposes in a given infrastructure. Different devices, each performing a separate function, worked harmoniously in a well-oiled network machine. A set of well-established players in each genre (firewalls, routers, switches) made easy the system administrator's job of deciding which products would best serve his or her network installation. However, that has all changed.

[2003-01-20] Internet Storm Watchers
Most of us are content with the protection a firewall affords us, and don’t bother to analyze the data the programs collect. Which ports are being probed? How often? Is the same source IP repeated with alarming frequency? We rarely check. The information locked away in those unexamined log files could potentially prevent script kiddie rampages, stop the spread of malware, and even help track and prevent hacker break-ins. And yet those files go largely unanalyzed, especially by home users. The firewall does its job, and we’re satisfied.

[2003-01-13] mdadm: A New Tool For Linux Software RAID Management
raidtools has been the standard software RAID management package for Linux since the inception of the software RAID driver. Over the years, raidtools have proven cumbersome to use, mostly because they rely on a configuration file (/etc/raidtab) that is difficult to maintain, and partly because its features are limited. In August 2001, Neil Brown, a software engineer at the University of New South Wales and a kernel developer, released an alternative. His mdadm (multiple devices admin) package provides a simple, yet robust way to manage software arrays. mdadm is now at version 1.0.1 and has proved quite stable over its first year of development. There has been much positive response on the Linux-raid mailing list and mdadm is likely to become widespread in the future. This article assumes that you have at least some familiarity with software RAID on Linux and that you have had some exposure to the raidtools package.


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