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Master's in Info Management
Online from Syracuse

In today’s digital, data-driven and interconnected world, information is everywhere. Without effective management and analysis of this information, critical resources and knowledge are lost. Syracuse University’s online Master of Science (MS) in Information Management is designed for working professionals to develop technical, analytical and soft skills to ensure the safe management and dissemination of information. At the intersection of business, data science and tech, these skills can be translated into competitive managerial and executive roles.

Through our online degree program, you will learn the ins and outs of current technology and effectively apply that knowledge to lead organizations, advance business objectives, create new products and services and promote social good.

Common career paths for students with this degree include:

  • Information architecture
  • Business analysis
  • Information technology consulting
  • Risk analysis
  • Project management

Now is the time to become a leader in the fast-evolving information field. Learn more about Syracuse University’s online MS in Information Management today.