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Google’s OnHub Router Gains IFTTT Support

By Chris Crum

May 02, 2016

Last year, Google introduced its OnHub router through a partnership with TP-LINK. The device was aimed at simplifying Wi-Fi and making it less annoying, giving you fast, easy, and secure Wi-Fi as opposed to “unplugging and re-plugging cords, trying to decipher blinking lights, or contemplating a call to customer support.”

Now, Google has announced that OnHub is the first router to support IFTTT, which allows you to create simple commands called “Recipes” to control and automate tasks and devices in your home.

“Keep track of your loved ones by receiving automatic notifications when a mobile device connects or disconnects from your OnHub network,” says product manager Mark Spates. “Prioritize certain devices whenever they connect, to ensure your most important tasks get the Wi-Fi they need. And since OnHub supports up to 100+ devices at a time, such as speakers, phones, tablets, lights, Chromecasts, and Nest thermostats, you can create Recipes to control these devices and seamlessly connect [...]

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